About Me

My name is Mikey, but most know me as That Docs Lady. As such, I document all the things! By day I’m a technical writer for Red Hat, by nights-and-weekends I live an artist’s life as a singer, dancer, videographer, and graphic designer. And yes, I document those activities, elsewhere :)

I’ve been a technical writer since 2009 and in October 2013 I became a Red Hatter and discovered the wonderful world of open-source technology and communities. Since then I’ve joined the legions of Documentarians at Write the Docs, supported women in tech through Django Girsl, coached developers on how to write documentation via workshops and doc sprints, and presented at lots of open-source conferences about documentation, community, and DevOps.

In September 2015 I took a left at Albuquerque to work as a full-time community manager, and in July 2016 rolled back into docs with newfound community insight (and a lot of air miles!). Currently I am a community docs writer for Red Hat Developer Experience and a conference organizer for Write the Docs.

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