Who Am I?

Greetings, fellow geeks!

My name is Mikey, but most know me as That Docs Lady. As such, I love to document all the things!

By day I’m a technical writer for Red Hat OpenStack, by afternoon/evening I’m in the global community team for Write the Docs, and by nights-and-weekends I live an artist’s life as a singer, dancer, and videographer. And yes, I document those activities… elsewhere :)

I’ve been a technical writer since 2009 and in October 2013 I became a Red Hatter and discovered the wonderful world of open-source technology and communities. In 2014 I gave my first-ever talk at a conference in Write the Docs Europe, Budapest, and I fell in love. Many talks and conferences soon followed.

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to also support women in tech through Django Girls, coach developers on how to write documentation via workshops and doc sprints, and generally enjoy sharing the love of documentation, DevOps, community, and diversity.

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