Talks I've Given

These days I try to implement a more balanced life model, which means I don’t present at conferences as often as I used to. But do not despair! Here’s an archive of selected talks I’ve given at open-source conferences and other notable recorded public appearances.

Founding ideas behind Write the Docs (panel interview with Eric Holscher)

Write the Docs podcast, December 2017 VIDEO

Docs or it didn’t happen!

PyCon UK, October 2017 VIDEO SLIDES

Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community (co-presented with Sasha Romijn)

DjangoCon Europe, March 2016 VIDEO SLIDES

Ask what your DevOps can do for your… Docs?

LinuxCon Europe, October 2015 SLIDES

There’s Life After Programming

Django Girls workshop Amsterdam, June 2015 SLIDES

Our Documentation Team Agile Manifesto

STXNext Summit, March 2015 VIDEO SLIDES