My Work

During my tenure as technical writer and open-source advocate, I’ve presented at various conferences and workshops and written a few articles about life, the universe, and geek things that I believe in.


Docs or it didn’t happen (, August 2015)

Interview by Ola Sendecka: Integrating Django Girls with open source conferences (, August 2015)

Django Girls EuroPython 2015 Retrospective (Django Girls Blog, July 2015)

What can DevOps do for your documentation? (, July 2015)

Content strategy: The new philosophy of technical documentation (, June 2015)


Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community (co-presented with Erik Romijn)

DjangoCon Europe, March 2016 VIDEO SLIDES

Ask what your DevOps can do for your… Docs?

LinuxCon Europe, October 2015 SLIDES

There’s Life After Programming

Django Girls workshop Amsterdam, June 2015 SLIDES

FOSS DOCS 101 - Keep it Simple, Present!

EuroPython, July 2015 VIDEO SLIDES

Our Documentation Team Agile Manifesto

STXNext Summit, March 2015 VIDEO SLIDES