Happy July!

I know it’s been a while since the last post, but to my defense I will say that June was packed with preparations for all the exciting things that are about to unfold this month!

Open Knowledge Festival (July 15-17)

I’m happy to attend and participate in what’s shaping up to be a fun-filled and insightful dive into the world of open data, open education, and open content. Several of my Write the Docs peers are going to join me there, and we might even go mad and run an ad-hoc WTD session in the event’s unfestival space. Follow #writethedocs for guerrilla docs shenanigans!

Write the Docs Unconference (July 18-20)

I already mentioned this event in my last blog post, but as an organizer I’m entitled to more shameless plugs, so there. We have an amazing venue, diverse and inspiring speakers, open-space sessions to welcome all those who wish to pitch a session, and we’re in the process of finalizing the details of our streaming media partner. Can you guess who they’ll be? More details on that soon! And get your FREE ticket while they last, space is limited and tickets are going, going, gone soon…

Django Girls + EuroPython (July 21-25)

I applied for the first Django Girls workshop, which will be held on the first day of EuroPython. This workshop is an amazing opportunity for women to learn how to build a website with Django. As someone who lives in the interwebz it’s extremely relevant to my interests (not to mention the fact that the Django and Python communities are both known for their documentation-friendly attitude, so I’m happy to learn and join the troupes!). Tomorrow (Friday) I should find out if I got accepted, and if I do, I will also stay for EuroPython. Will post an update as soon as I find out!

Pretty packed, eh? I’m definitely looking forward to this conference season. Plus, all these great events are happening in Berlin, which is one of my favorite European cities.

Drop me a line or a tweet if you’re in town, let’s rock!