My first Write the Docs podcast!

Ok, actually it was my first ever podcast. As much as it might surprise some of you, this is one type of performance I have little-to-no experience with. Thankfully, the other types seemed to help me along as I braved the virtual panel together with Eric Holscher. Although, let’s face it – the hour-long podcast was basically an excited chat about my favorite community with some of my favorite people, so time flew and we had a blast.

Here’s the description of the podcast as it was written by the hosts, and I couldn’t have summarized it better:

“In this episode, we chat with Eric Holscher (WTD cofounder) and Mikey Ariel (WTD Europe organizer) about the Write the Docs community itself, including origins, founding ideas, goals, challenges, trends, and roadmaps for the community. We dive specifically into idea of diversity of roles (and the term ‘documentarian’), the way open source principles inform the community’s core values, balancing individual freedom to contribute on one’s own terms with the expectations of the WTD experience, and more.”

Watch the video and download the MP3 of the session on the Write the Docs podcast page.

It was really interesting to get into the roots of Write the Docs again, remembering where we all started, realizing how much we’ve accomplished as a community, and teasing a bit with future plans. Whenever I have conversations like this with people I get supercharged with gratitude that I get to be a part of this family, and now there’s documented evidence of this type of conversation, which I hope will inspire others to step up and take part in this great documentarian adventure.

Thank you so much to Chris Ward, Jared Morgan, and Tom Johnson for running this fun and useful podcast. I encourage more documentarians to jump on the podcast train – Got something exciting to share about docs? Go talk to the podcasters!

What a lovely way to wrap up 2017!

See you all in 2018,

-That Docs Lady